Daylily Hybridizer aiming at large, bright, unusual daylilies that thrive in Ontario. Foliage. 2020 Intro's. Each region offers activities, local clubs, and regionally-specific publications. Daylilies are low maintenance, easy to grow perennials that will do well in full sun to partial shade. Details coming soon. Welcome to Culver Farm Daylily's 2020 homepage. Daylilies are ideal for creating a low-maintenance garden with tall foliage and flower in a rainbow of colours. Daylilies are the perfect perennial plants for northern regions, with different flowering periods, they allow the creation of dazzling gardens, plenty of flowers all summer, and we offer 800 cultivars this year. Overview of our Gardens: All Available Registered Daylily varieties. Delivery Dates Daylilies: early to late June; mid August to mid September Daylilies/Hemerocallis are called the perfect perennial for a good reason! Had now idea there were 60,000 cultivars! Please note you can place orders starting Jan 1st, 2021 when the cart reappears. Evergreen - (Evg) The foliage remains partially or completely green depending on the growing zone.In colder regions most of the plants behave as if they were dormant. The summer of 2017 had the most spectacular daylilies bloom ever in our gardens. In fact, many North Americans think the tough old orange one they see in old gardens and along roadsides is a native wildflower, but it really isn't. Contact Us. Click here to see the entries for the Scape and Photo Contests. We have more than a thousand registered varieties of daylilies that originate from throughout North America. Canada . It is an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden and an AHS Historic Daylily Display Garden. We have loads of daylilies and trying to expand to more varieties. A Phytosanitary Certificate is not necessary when purchasing or shipping a daylily within Canada. 79036 . LANDSCAPING WITH DAYLILIES ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO DAYLILIES THE OPEN FORM DAYLILY by Oliver Billingslea Purchase books at the: AHS Store online, or Email AHS Sales Mgr Welcome to the AHS Daylily Society "Benefits of joining AHS and being a member of The AHS Portal" (2 videos) by Charlie Harper, former AHS Media Librarian AHS Store-Media Library … Know them by daylily, day lily, daylillie, Daylilly, hemerocallis, they are all the same thing. Please check in December for NEW cultivars for Spring 2021! Covid 19. Planting Daylily Seeds, January social meeting via Zoom While in the military, I always dreamed of one day opening my own daylily business. Our plants are all planted and with this heat watered! 2003. Planting Daylilies: Plant daylilies 18"-24" apart in any good garden soil with the crowns about 2" below the soil surface. Perennials. Please note, once your order is placed your rate is secured. Click here for. Container grown daylilies, planted in the autumn will emerge in spring like old established plants. GPS: 44.1760 N. - 77.8469 W. or give us a call at. Home. After 3 years, these seedlings will begin to flower. Know them by daylily, day lily, daylillie, Daylilly, hemerocallis, they are all the same thing. In the United States and Canada, it all started with the original "wild" orange daylily (below). Daylilies . After nearly 13 years on the outskirts of Guelph Ontario during which time I developed an interest / obsession with daylilies, Kim and I made the decision to move. Come see our Daylily Garden located in St. Eugene, On / East Hawkesbury. Hemerocallis spp. Email: (function(){var ml="o.nl4sfcdagr%0ipeu",mi=">260<4=:9;8@25?3A5179",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j