Is there a reason why you chose to use an Indian verses the English word since this is the language used on the Quora platform? But unlike soluble fluids, fact and fiction can be separated under a perceptive lens. You can’t say, ” Heads, I win; tails, you lose!” Literal translation: One pomegranate, a hundred ill. Used when there are too many contenders for an object, such that a fair division seems impossible. Hence, we have presented a list of Indian Vegetable Names in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada. Weird things about the name Baingan: The name spelled backwards is Nagniab. Enjoy the rich softness of freshly boiled peanuts. Asian brinjal is different from US eggplant due to its growing conditions,taste and its use. “aap dono hathon mein laddo nahin rakh sktey” how you say it in english? To come to learn the realities of living. 5 – hadn’t heard of this before – eminently usable :-), since its 2 June today there is another hindi idiom on food “Doo Joon ki Roti…bhi naseeb nahi”, how to say chinti kaati in English and pate main chuhe(rats) daudren in English. The similar process is followed in other Indian states and Pakistan with slight variations on ingredients. Anyone know that (something like pyaaz bhi khaye or jutti bhi). In Gujarat, it is called Ringan No Oro (Gujarati: રીંગણનો ઓળો), in which the eggplant is roasted, then mashed, and then sautéed with mustard and cumin seeds, turmeric, red chilli powder, ginger and garlic and salt. Often used to poke fun at one who steps out of a sheltered, ignorant life into the struggles of the real world. d. Baasi kadhi ubaalna Thanks for sharing, such a nicely written, love to read it. Literal translation: Tearing off chapatis for free. In states such as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, it is served hot with litti or baati. If I find more, I will be back. Baingan bharta (mashed eggplant) is a dish from the Indian subcontinent. NAMES OF VEGETABLES ( English / Hindi ) Ash Gourd - Petha Aubergines - Baingan Banana (raw) - Kacha Kela Beetroot - Chukander Bitter Gourd - Karela Bottle Gourd - Lauki Brinjal - Baingan Broad Beans - Papdi / Vaal Cabbage - Pattagobi Capsicum - Simla Mirch Carrot - Gajar Cauliflower - … Used when someone spends extravagantly, as in preparing for a wedding. What a wonderful article ! 3-kharbooje ko dekhkar kharbooja rang badalta hai. a. Andar laddoo phoot rahe hain 4-do joon ki roti naseeb hona In kachha bharit, all the ingredients except for eggplant are used uncooked. This crunchy snack-time goodie also doubles up as a curry dumpling (badi). Hi Arunima, Thanks for stopping by and sharing your nice feedback :-). After Urdu to English translation of Baingan, If you have issues in pronunciation than you can hear the audio of it in the online dictionary. The translations in English sound so off, no :), Great post! To rejoice. In India, it is made in various regional styles, with ingredients varying from one region to another. meaning: someone who has had a bad experience becomes ultra cautious, e.g. It is served with bajra no rotlo (Gujarati: બાજરાંનો રોટલો), kadhi (a soup prepared by gram flour, curd and spices), khichadi and chhaash (Gujarati: છાશ) (buttermilk). Vegetables Name In Hindi & English – List of Vegetables सब्जियों के नाम. When Hercule Poirot resolves a whodunit in the novel’s climax, he does a "doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani". I loved your website. They hang from vines and some varieties actually look egg shaped- which is why the name "Eggplants". In the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Tamils prepare a similar dish called kathrikai thayir kothsu, in which the eggplant is cooked, mashed, and sautéed with mustard, red chilis and sesame oil. Literal translation: Bending the finger to extract ghee. On the lines of "the grass is greener on the other side". baingan ( usually uncountable, plural baingans ) ( India, uncommon) An eggplant / tatti; a brinjal. All Rights Reserved. In life, as with soluble fluids like milk and water, facts get muddled with half-truths and lies. Eggplant is the common name in North American and Australian English but in British English it is aubergine. There are many variations of preparing eggplant. That is what "dal nahi gali" means – a wasted attempt. This word is written in Roman Urdu. In Maharashtra, especially in the northern Khandesh region, vangyache bharit as they call it is served in social gatherings including wedding ceremonies. Literal translation: An eggplant on a plate. Whatever is "doodh ka dhula" is supposed to have no evils, however the idiom is seldom used as a compliment. Chawli. Its first meaning is 'eggplant'. Eggplant also known as aubergine and baingan in Hindi is a favorite veggie of many people. 1 – quite a contrast to ‘ghar ki murgi dal barabar’, isn’t it? I think the translation is “getting an aam for the price of the guttli” — which means the same thing … Getting a great deal. Out of syllabus question ;-) – those are not food idioms. meaning: feeling overjoyed inside, though outside you may present a straight face to hide your true feelings. 1-Apni dahi kisi ko khatti nahi lagti hai. Fun Facts about the name Baingan. So if you use the line "bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad" on your critic yet he remains unfazed – your arrow missed its mark, despite your try. Brinjal or baingan as it is called in India, is a vegetable that is extremely high on nutrients and has many health benefits which makes it something you should try and eat at least once every week. literal meaning, sweets are erupting inside you; Alternative forms The names of vegetables in English accompanied by a photo of each one. That’s baingan bhaja for you.. You Need: Purple eggplant – 1 medium Only a few veggies such as basil are known by the same name (Tulsi) in most of the Indian languages. There are always several meanings of each word in English, the correct meaning of Baingan in English is Bangon, and in Urdu we write it بینگن. The assumption is that chicken is a more coveted meal than dal. We south asians really say it with food don’t we? If … Baingan: eggplant in English, Aubergine in French. The dish is served with dal, bhakri, and rice. And here’s one that’s not specific but about food in general: “Daane daane pe likha hai khaane waale ka naam” Eggplant is popular in Afghanistan in the form of a traditional salad called "bonjan salad", which is usually served at room temperature (or cold) together with main dishes. So here is a glossary of vegetable names in English and other languages such as Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu. meaning: tremendously harassing someone Bharit is usually served with puri. In this article we are providing All Vegetables name in Punjabi to English & Hindi. I’ve shared on social media. Literal translation: Doesn’t do any work, is an enemy of grains, Another pejorative – a colorful way of calling out "You good-for-nothing fellow! For example, brinjal is known as Baingan in Hindi, Katthirikai in Tamil, Bhadanekai in Kannada, Vankaya in Telugu and Vanga in Marathi. Easy stove-top dessert idea for a party menu - sabudana kheer (sago pudding). Ghee solidifies at room temperature, some of it getting stuck to hard-to-reach surfaces of its container such as the sides near the top. The other meanings are Baingan. When the vegetable vendor insists the okra he’s selling is young and tender but you sense it isn’t, you try the "bend test" on an okra piece. Ingredients. Masoor ki dal (red lentil soup) used to be prepared as a rich delicacy in royal households, a meal fit for kings. Baingan bharta (mashed eggplant) is a dish from the Indian subcontinent that originated in the Maharashtra precisely Khandesh region. Happy 2017! keep the pronunciation of ‘dalna’ in mind: it is not daalna like put, but dhalna like making dal, c. Birbal ki khichdi pakana During harvest season, a special "bharit party" is organised. [makkhan nahin laga rahi, kasam se :P]. Used when you are rewarded handsomely for little effort. Kis kheT ki mooli hai? Used when you suspect something fishy is afoot. It is more commonly used with negation: "tum bhi koi doodh ke dhule nahin ho" – you aren’t exactly flawless either. I actualy came here because i was trying to understand “yeh mooh aur masoor ki dal” idiom.And oh boy, ended up learning a lot,smiling, and getting hungry to boot :). A close equivalent of "hitting two birds with one stone". meaning: go on repetitively about a stale topic, Hello Namesake! “Tere muh main ghee shaakr” how you say it in english. Immortalized by the line from the film Sholay (1975): "Sarkar, maine apka namak khaya hai." people think of fruit as being sweet and … [3][4], পুৰা বেঙেনা চাটনি, "Protesters say no to BT Brinjal in a unique way", "Giant Baigan ka Bharta makes for a delicious record", Step by step recipe of authentic baigan Bharta,, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from March 2019, Articles containing Gujarati-language text, Articles containing Assamese-language text, Articles containing Marathi-language text, Articles containing Kannada-language text, Articles containing Bengali-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 December 2020, at 16:59. The smoked and mashed eggplant is then mixed with cooked chopped tomato, browned onion, ginger, garlic, cumin, fresh cilantro (coriander leaves), chili pepper, and mustard oil or a neutral vegetable oil. 23 Tasty Recipe Ideas with Eggplant or Brinjal. Have it as a standalone snack or on the side with noodles or fried rice. Used to refer to freeloaders sponging on another’s generosity. Rolling out papads is an arduous task, which is why doing it at home has gone out of fashion. the equivalent English idioms: once-bitten, twice-shy; or a burnt child dreads the fire …. Butter Soy Baby Corn – Three Ingredients Only! Bathua ka raita – green fans will love this one. Steps to boil shelled ... Methi Chhole: Fenugreek Leaves and Chickpeas. Also with negation: "maine muft ki rotiyan nahin todi" – I haven’t taken any free lunches, I have earned my bread. When that happens, we have a "doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani" moment – the attainment of clarity, the emergence of truth. Great list, really enjoyed it. Baingan bharta (mashed eggplant) is a dish from the Indian subcontinent. Raw spring onion, tomato, green chillies, green coriander, and sometimes fresh fenugreek leaves are mixed with flame-roasted eggplant along with raw linseed oil or peanut oil. Used when someone undervalues his own possessions. In phodni cha bharit, the above ingredients are first fried in oil with spices; then, mashed eggplants are mixed into it and cooked together. literal meaning: someone scalded by hot milk will hesitate and blow on even buttermilk before drinking it meaning: someone who has had a bad experience becomes ultra cautious, e.g. Literal translation: Fallen from the sky, stuck on a date palm. Balekai. Literal translation: Which farm is that radish from? Vegetables Asparagus Muslee/shataawaree/ek prakaar kaa saag Vegetables Aubergine, Brinjal, Eggplant Baingan Vegetables Aubergines Baingan Vegetables Basil Tulasee Vegetables Bean Sem. Thambde bhajji, tambdi bhaji. Used with contempt when talking of another person who you think is trying to act too smart. Much like "from the frying pan into the fire". Easy vegetarian recipes, tips for the newbie to Indian cooking, jottings on motley matters culinary. Used when you make a killing with a deal or decision, profiting on even the valueless peripherals. (Translation: Each grain is engraved with the name of person who’ll eat it…) :D, Thanks for those, Nisha and Sangeeta. Literal translation: What would a monkey know of the taste of ginger? पंजाबी और इंग्लिश में सब्जियों के नाम, ਮਬਜ਼ੀਆਂ ਦੇ ਨਾਮ , Name of Vegetables in Punjabi to Hindi Language with images. The final step in the recipe involves adding yogurt (curds) to the mixture and dressing the dish with coriander leaves. As a vegetarian myself, couldnt help chuckling at your ‘chicken’ sense of humour :) . This was a real blast..we shared it on FB and everyone loves it. 6-paancho ungliya ghee me aur sir kadahi me hona. Vegetarian-friendly and cooks quicker than traditional rice kheer. I think the explanation for the first one is incorrect. 1:33. Serve it with hot chapatis and your favorite daal dish. Very helpful and enjoyable. vegetable definition: 1. a plant, root, seed, or pod that is used as food, especially in dishes that are not sweet: 2. a…. Baingan ka bharta is a part of the cuisine of some nation states of the Indian subcontinent. Learn more. Papad belna is to put in extraordinary efforts to achieve something. In the Bhojpuri-speaking regions of India (such as eastern Uttar Pradesh and western Bihar), it is known as baigan ka chokha; it is also popular within the Indo-Caribbean communities of Trinidad, Suriname, and Guyana, where many descendants of indentured labourers from northern India live. When a round eggplant is placed on a plate, it rolls at the slightest tilt. Click Play to See This Punjabi Style Eggplant Recipe Come Together. Long time since I came across “Birbal ki khichdi pakana” in conversation – must seek out opportunities to use it myself :-P. Hi, I am back in the new year with one more: Doodh ka jala chaach bhi phoonk-kar peeta hai I hopped over to your site to find that I must thank “Gourmet Girl” for sending the link to you – I didn’t, but I’m super-glad she did :-). [1][page needed] Traditionally, the dish is often eaten with flatbread (specifically roti or paratha) and is also served with rice or raita, a yogurt salad. Literal translation: To pour away rivers of milk. Welcome back here Aisha :-) Ah “kabab mein haddi”…thanks for that! Literal translation: To cook one’s khichdi by oneself. No guesswork, no ambiguity – “doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani”. The Steaming Pot is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. In chayote tomato curry, chayote (chow chow) is slow-cooked in a tomato base with a mustard tempering. This gobi masala recipe (cauliflower cooked in an onion-based spice mix) with minimal oil is a sure hit with the dieter as well as the epicure. A delightful website. the equivalent English idioms: once-bitten, twice-shy; or a burnt child dreads the fire …. In Vidarbha and Khandesh, it is considered a delicacy when the eggplants are roasted on a dried cotton plant stems, a process which gives a distinct smokey flavour to the dish. Literal translation: Black (particles) in dal. Pani pani hona (be extremely embarassed) You may add all the tadka you like, but if the pulses haven’t disintegrated the dal goes to waste. I think how you say that in English is “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” – ie you can’t enjoy a benefit and yet hoard it at the same time….. Terrific list. This version of baingan ka bharta is also really easy to make. Apke muh meh ghee shakkar (sorry couldn’t resist! Baingan Meaning in English - Find the correct meaning of Baingan in English, it is important to understand the word properly when we translate it from Urdu to English. In India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, baingan bharta is part of popular cuisine. literal meaning: splitting mung beans on one’s chest Baingan ka bharta is a part of the cuisine of some nation states of the Indian subcontinent. The table below gives a comprehensive list of all the vegetables in English… It is a vegetarian dish that is prepared by mincing eggplant (baingan) that is grilled over charcoal or direct fire. Literal translation: A chicken at home seems no better than dal (pulses). One who upholds this salt-forged bond is namak halaal (faithful), one who betrays it is namak haram (traitor). The Hindi film industry is pretty fond of this idiom, as the names of these films indicate – Namak Halaal (1982) and Namak Haraam (1973). This set a world record for the largest amount of the dish produced in one occasion of preparation. © 2020 The Steaming Pot. Lobhiaa Vegetables Beet root Chukandar Vegetables Bell Pepper, Capsicum( green pepper, bell pepper) Shimla Mirch, Kashmeeree Mirch Vegetables Bitter Gourd Karelaa Literal translation: To light lamps full of ghee (clarified butter). Vegetable Names in English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam There are times when we will know the vegetables by names in our own language, but the vendor may not be aware of the same. From the Cambridge English Corpus And potato, tomato, brinjal, pumpkin and fenugreek leaves. Banana-ripe. bharwan mirchi or bharwa karela) Bhelpuri = a popular Indian street food made with puffed rice, chutney, onions, spices. Kachcha Kela. Ghee is the most expensive Indian cooking medium; using it to light lamps is a luxury you’d allow yourself only when you’re extremely happy. How unique is the name Baingan? ), Thanks, and great to see you here Mallika – love your blog! [2], Litti chokha, litti with baigan bharta, a North Indian dish, Baigan bharta made in Nagpur, Maharashtra, Akki rotti with eṇṇegāyi, a Karnataka dish, In a protest against BT Brinjal and the introduction of genetically modified crops, volunteers from Greenpeace and Delhi's Le Méridien hotel cooked 342 kilograms (754 lb) of organic brinjal bharta at Dilli Haat, New Delhi, on 6 September 2011. The closest English equivalent I can think of is “bless you for saying that”. Also known as Jhalmuri Chat directly with admin !! Bhartas are largely North Indian in origin and made from all sorts of vegetables. A person called "thali ka baingan" shifts loyalties as it suits him and cannot be trusted. [. Came over here after I saw the link on Clotilde’s (from latest favorites list, only to realize that I had already checked out your blog as I was looking for a raw jackfruit curry recipe. Baingan Meaning in English There are total 3 english words have been listed for the hindi word 'बैंगन'. If it snaps, it’s young. Winter special side dish with the wonder leaf bathua, flavored with roasted cumin. It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. Second definition is 'aubergine' and third word is 'brinjal'. hope you will reply me.I will be waiting for your reply.oh i am really soory, by the way i am a school girl and i am 11 years old. Thought i’d add to this pot: Lohe ke chane chabana (face a challenging situation) Harive soppu. Brinjal is an Asian fruit but classified as vegetable. literal meaning: cooking Birbal’s khichdi This infuses the dish with a smoky flavour. Before dal is cooked, the lentils are sifted to remove the impostors – tiny stones, dust etc. 2-Akela chana bhaad nahi phodta hai. Kachchi Keli. Banana - Raw, green. Literal translation: Milk with milk, water with water. Vegan friendly and lip-smacking! Literal translation: No asafoetida, no potash alum, yet a lovely color. Meaning in English. Aate dal ka bhav malooM hona. Used when someone differs from the collective opinion of a group and decides to go his own way. I wish people would use this colorful speech much more in daily life. In any case I’ll give the second a shot: instead of “mere pet mein chuhe daud rahe hain”, one could say “I’m ravenous” or “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse”. The idiom is used when one cuts corners or deviates from the rules to get what one wants. Bharta = a mashed vegetable dish (eg baingan bharta is a mashed eggplant dish) Bharwa or Bharwan = filled (eg. literal meaning: someone scalded by hot milk will hesitate and blow on even buttermilk before drinking it A sarcastic barb aimed at one who dares to criticize something you have made/worn/recommended. Hi clotilde, Welcome here! Literal translation: This face – and you want red lentil soup? A blog about simple and easy Indian recipes, Traditional Andhra recipes, Home remedies, World Cuisine, General Knowledge and tips It is a vegetarian dish that is prepared by mincing eggplant (baingan) that is grilled over charcoal or direct fire. Used for a foul-natured person or a situation that turns out to be even worse than feared. Dal nahin gali. Chauli, chaulai. I have one more “Daane Daane par likha hai khane wale ka naam”, i think there is one on onions also. I stumbled on to this post while searching for a recipe, and even a few years later, I love it. Literal translation: To know the price of flour and pulses. A cumin seed is not much of a meal for a camel, similarly anything called "oont ke munh mein jeera" is a grossly insufficient offer. In Karnataka, it is called eṇṇegāyi and prepared by boiling and frying whole eggplant usually served with akki rotti. Some non-Punjabi variants may omit the tomato and sometimes the onion as well. The dish has several regional names, such as: baingan ka bhurtha (Hindi: बैंगन का भरता, Urdu: بینگن کا بھرتہ‎, baingan da bhurtha (Punjabi), ringan no oro (Gujarati: રીંગણનો ઓળો), pura begena satoni (Assamese: পুৰা বেঙেনা চাটনি) or bengena pitika (Assamese: বেঙেনা পিটিকা), wangyacha bharit (Marathi: वांग्याचं भरीत), ennegayi (Kannada: ಎಣ್ಣೆಗಾಯಿ), baigana bhartta (Odia: ବାଇଗଣ ଭର୍ତ୍ତା), begun bhôrta (Bengali: বেগুন ভর্তা), baingoin satni (Sylheti: ꠛꠣꠁꠋꠉꠂꠘ ꠌꠣꠐꠘꠤ) and olo (Gujarati). brinjal Brinjal is often referred to as a poor man's vegetable because of seasonally low prices, but the fruits are nutritionally equivalent to tomatoes and represent an important source of vitamins. Hi… I loved dese idioms n I m going to keep it as my kitty game. Store-bought dal in Indian cities has eliminated this step but the idiom is very much in currency. depends on another for his meals, he is bonded to the salt-giver through debt and loyalty. Imagine the effect of rubbing the very bitter neem on bitter gourd. Thanks a lot for sharing :). Kamal Kant. Thanks a lot …. Classic example: the chaperone who tags along with the girl when she goes out with the guy she is supposed to have an arranged marriage with. Technically, eggplant is a (nightshade) fruit because of the seeds it carries within its body or “skin”. Indian vegetarians have thus far lodged no protests and use the idiom as much as their meat-eating brethren. b. Chaati pe moong dalna Brinjal. 2. Wish you the best with Edible French – lovely concept! This infuses the dish with a smoky flavour. My mother tongue Hindi invokes the nature, tastes, colors and characteristics of food with great wit and insight in these idioms. When a person eats another’s salt i.e. Thanks a lot for the additions. Baingan bhaja is so easy to make that this post barely qualifies as a "recipe" – and yet it is one of those dishes of which the taste belies the simplicity.. A staple side dish with meals in a typical Bihari home, a quickly made add-on to liven up a dal-chawal-chokha meal. Those are some interesting less-known ones! Literal translation: To earn the price not only of mangoes but also their pits. Thanks Sevpuri Rocks (what a lovely name!). Masoor dal pakodi, with red lentil as starring ingredient. Its Very helpful … God Bless Yew :). It is a vegetarian dish that is prepared by mincing eggplant (baingan) that is Thotakura. When food couples with language, delicious idioms are born. ‘june’ is not the month in this idiom, it means a meal-time. 5-khaya piya kuchh nahi gilas toda 12 aana. I am a south Indian, so a lot of wonderful nuances of The beautiful language that Hindi is are lost on me. Thanks for this post. To take ghee out of such situations, a spoon will not do – one needs to bend the finger and scoop it out. ‘do june ki roti naseeb hona’ is equivalent to ‘being able to afford two square meals’. And so you fling this retort at those who demand way more than they deserve. meaning: do something in a very long drawn out way that won’t succeed: like when Birbal proved his point by suspending his khichdi pot far above the cooking fire.