Mobile communication device. Employees. Only) _____ (“the Company”) recognizes that certain designated employees may occasionally be required to make business telephone calls and send and receive business e-mail and text messages. Further details on what they are: Stipends are often given out monthly. Objective . The purpose of this policy is to help us all get the most out of the advantages cell phones offer our company while minimizing distractions, accidents, and frustrations improper cell phone use can cause. endstream endobj startxref Designated employees who are required to perform these functions as part of their job duties will either be issued … �w��|qsw�b�[���'_�����ϗ�|������{��/�O�ݿ�z���z���w����o��o�>]���W˗��ٓ?���Z^���gnY���R�n�qI�.�q��u���ߕ���短�K.U)����p��?���c��W�zY.���.^��e���������EXݣ��ߖ����Ͼ�cҸ:�����y�.ړx��]��wy��O����׭���?�n�s+�X��O������������2�o�®�m3w�nݵO�f�n�O��-�݋Njg��'����ͻV�#�|��_-���gt:’::!,ε]���DrYn���/��镟|KG����O�*�M��ɢ�q�8O��`:G�7'��bo�sG�>��_1u����W�,!6:���c���6�mE��m�����SL]��ؖ��aک���םw�o�i�yy/�/�U���.g��>�Y*|�4�?��ki����5���[�����O��|���� V���Ϣ��D]����=+ѿ��3����o����~(}�+���G��Y8YH�9��l~�j�B~��V6�}��o\������ϬkfI�ױ�p��ZG�L��*��d�����Ro��Jt��맭��L���s�{֮����^��2�{����[��]�T�����ť���v�O۞Lz}%uN�����T��U�K.�u!��/��藓����p}�!�Ǥ�uj����E�F��w�8���j���a�����.�������aWd�8��+ZqP���� ťAqs[���vu��9���?���]�N�gR����� ���t�ş����z�F4�l��E��M�̓T>�� ��u����)�5���e�8�,��"�Ի��.����K��ъ!������Q�o>} a. Requests for stipends or cell phones must be made by the employee, with the input and approval of the employee’s supervisor, using the Request for Cell Phone Stipend or State - Owned Cell Phone form. ELIGIBILITY. Is reimbursement right for your business? 251 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1DD08FC929946240A21B11F04D7415EC><6657D51A9B3A664CB0961D3FF6EF23BB>]/Index[231 38]/Info 230 0 R/Length 95/Prev 49736/Root 232 0 R/Size 269/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Policy and culture; 3 minute read. a. 1.1. by Jennifer Azara. TELEPHONES AND PERSONAL CELL PHONES While at work employees must exercise the same discretion in using personal cell phones as for the use of company phones. Our employee cell phone policyoutlines our guidelines for using cell phones at work. To receive a cell/data plan paycheck stipend, the Department HR Administrator may enter an employee cell phone supplement using the Supplemental Pay Webform with the Earnings Code of 'CEL'. If part of the use of the cell phone or Internet service is personal, you have to include the value of the personal use in your employee's income as a taxable benefit. %%EOF At the same time it recognizes that these devices are used for personal as well as business purposes. Cell Phone Stipend Policy ORIGINATING OFFICE Finance and Administration/Human Resources Office PURPOSE To establish policy and guidelines for the provision of a wireless communications stipend to employees who have documented an official university business need for a communications device and continue to meet this need under the Eligibility Requirements section of this policy… Title: Cell Phone Stipend Program Policy Administrator: Director of Finance and Asst. Let’s take these three decisions in order. No other alterations have been to made to any policy in this document. A cell phone reimbursement stipend, or a cell phone allowance, is a sum of money given to employees for them to purchase on their cell phone plans. %���� constitute misuse, and will result in immediate termination of the cell phone stipend. But, cell phones may also cause problems when used imprudently or excessively. The association removed company-identifying information. The objective of this policy is to facilitate the Employees in their jobs by increasing communication within the organization and especially with the customers and to prevent them from the hassle of purchasing Sim Cards / Hand Sets. The cell phone policy of a company is merely a list of rules and guidelines that explain the dos and don’ts of using a cell phone in a work environment and during working hours. x��}[�\7r�"�N�/��xpf'+i4�֎�v8$?�E�����M��_���28Ů&-�1#v#. To answer the question "are cell phone allowances taxable?" But beware: Those little devices can saddle you with a big legal bill. THIS POLICY OUTLINES THE USE OF PERSONAL CELL PHONES AT WORK, THE PERSONAL USE OF BUSINESS CELL PHONES AND THE SAFE USE OF CELL PHONES BY EMPLOYEES WHILE DRIVING. Announcements; COE Calculator; Contacts; Counselling for UCT staff members; Employment opportunities / vacancies; HR forms; HR policies list; UCT retirement fund; HR Time Administration Help; HR Employee/Manager Self-Service (ESS/MSS) Help; Login to HR Employee/Manager Self-Service (ESS/MSS) for your payslips, … endobj ii. Employees are responsible for choosing their own voice or data plan as well as their carrier. Cell Phone Stipend Policy Appendix A Is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or the Virginia Public Records Act applicable to personal cell phones used for public business? Cell phones and other wireless devices should not be selected as an alternative to other means of communication, such as land lines, pagers and radio phones, when such alternatives would provide adequate but less costly service to the University. The tax regulations of cell phone reimbursement boil down to three questions the company must answer: 1. department view the stipend policy as a win-win. I. The following cell phone policy refers to cell phones and smartphones that are generally used by exempt employees as they pursue the effective performance of their jobs. 4 0 obj How big? 1. Treasurer Effective Date: Jan-01-2012 Approved by: Vice President for Administration and Finance . This policy has been … Detailed Company Cell Phone Policy: The [company name] cell phone policy offers general guidelines for using personal and company cell phones during work hours.. The policy is in effect for all wireless communication devices requested outside of the plans and devices offered by Telecommunications. Policy Statement . 0 They may be a great asset if used correctly (for productivity apps, calendars, business calls etc.) March 8, 2019. 2 0 obj h�b```�nV�``��0p404~boa`�h �sL9���`���a�$ ���L��8m�Z��1���.n�du:0��a� �ű@����w�(.���@��� �"6 I have attached Sample Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy. Company Cell Phone/Personal Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy (Designated . You can only use your cost to calculate the value of the benefit if it reflects the FMV. Why is the stipend only $45? is defined as any electronic communication device with a service plan attached. Or do you want to provide company phones? I certify that the requested allowance is needed for this employee, to cover work-related expenditures due to cell phone use, or other, as described above. Cell phone policy. <> If you decide to reimburse employees for their cell phone use, should you do so under an accountable or non-accountable plan? But, cell phones may also cause problems when used imprudently or excessively. policy is to provide guidance and establish parameters regarding the issuance and use of mobile communication devices and services. Our employee cell phone policy outlines our guidelines for using cell phones at work. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 16 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endobj Cell phones covered by this policy are used in part to conduct RAC business and/or to create, receive, send, or store RAC data and/or confidential information. %PDF-1.5 %���� They are an intrinsic part of the employees' ability to perform their jobs effectively. 2.0 Policy . PURPOSE A. SVCE recognizes that the performance of certain job responsibilities may be enhanced by or may require the use of a smartphone. 3 0 obj The value of the benefit is based on the FMV of the service, minus any amounts your employee reimburses you. Smartphone and Cell Phone Stipend Policy . 1.1. 1. This policy advises employees and department heads of their responsibilities and provides guidance in managing the distribution and usage of cell phone/electronic device reimbursement s for employees whose position (job duties) require a cellular phone, electronic device or stipend. Cellular Phone Allowance Policy Policy: Effective 4/1/13, La Sierra University will offer a non-taxable allowance for business-related cellular phone expenses on a monthly basis to its employees that meet one or more of the following criteria1: 1. SHARE ON; Most days you may feel like employees’ cell phones are surgically attached to their hands – at their desks, in meetings, even in the company restroom! Thank you to ARPM’s Corporate Sponsors . The IRS considers these devices to be "listed … POLICY: MOBILE PHONE SUBSIDY POLICY POLICY # IT301 Last Revised on May 25, 2016 ISSUED BY: Business Office Office of Information Technology, APPROVED BY: Steven Weiner Background Menlo College recognizes that the performance of certain job responsibilities may be enhanced by or may require the use of a mobile phone. 1 0 obj The company then reimburses the initial cost of the cell phone and the service plan fees each month on receiving the associated receipts. For the specific purpose of this policy, a cell phone can be defined as any device that is used to make or receive calls, send or receive media content, browse the internet or download files. Last year the IRS significantly reduced the administrative burden associated with stipends to both employees and employers. Purpose: The purpose of this document is to describe the policy of the College of the Holy Cross regarding the use, procurement and possession of cell phones for College business. We recognize that cell phones (and smartphones especially) have become an integral part of everyday life. ����n��}߈۫7��oo/^\.��8�#�_�@�q�Ƕ�w�e���"��t�C������͛>�4Iܼ������C�\��l�����Q����l��.~�T��>�dy�ݻ�����mb��iz��ſAgbD���7!Ό���Z�������x�k��i]ى0��ɪ�Y�=��������Y;�kp_s������!c�[@�i�3�\��ۮ~勿�����c�W�೧�ؠ�qރŒ]|p�܇$ L�4����1��~�� N��K�.��������C���Uۛ����K"�;Z�����Q �vآJҜU�'��h��}n�0����+�.�����]s��� ���S\i��^-�����O�� ��׼����sN�{>��R,����M��S(8���3���M�0�����y~ΧM��:w��r3�p���ǿ���J�L������pR�}��ְKu�䇋��,AfQ����B�T�#�v��X�Sx�k����Bs�긼�~�7/ -IN�ݓ=�)�µ�p=���4�_Q����RD�t�>>U�}��*�зW���W����+�,#P�����ͫ^�/�~��.�;xnqd�c������w�)�f�������>Tǒf�����v�۳!������˞W�ӑ� �ޯ�7�$?^�fq����k���^�3�xf. 231 0 obj <> endobj Sample Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy. The form must include the employee’s position of employment and business justification for the stipend or cell phone. To provide for replacement of a system of Cellular phone contracts by the municipality with the salary allowance system. $ Policy contains company reimbursement guidelines for cell phones Please note: All policies within this document are submissions by individual manufacturing companies. stream Quick Links. Introduction. STIPEND POLICY POLICY #: IT301 LAST REVISED: September 4, 2013 ISSUED BY: Business Office Office of Information Technology, APPROVED BY: James J. Kelly, President, 03/15/2011 Background Menlo College recognizes that the performance of certain job responsibilities may be enhanced by or may require the use of a cellular (cell) phone, smartphone, tablet or another mobile … How much should you reimburse each employee? %PDF-1.5 They may be a great asset if used correctly (for productivity apps, calendars, business calls etc.) The $5.4M cell phone reimbursement mistake this company made. The University will continue to evaluate the policy periodically and may introduce changes for both new and existing staff in the future. Staff Mobile Phone Policy . The supplement may be entered to continue indefinitely, however, the business need for mobile Equipment/Services should be reviewed periodically by each employee's manager, or other financial … <> endobj i. See: UCT cell phone policy (GEN004). Except for alimited number of positions, the university will notown cell phones for the use of individual employees after January 1, 2017. h�bbd``b`: $���> �.b� ��$X�A�� ���$^�X�A:��wH�H|���:N&F�2�#����\ �C